Autumnal Distress

"A shortcut which may get you home faster, Can sometimes lead to certain disaster!!!" (back quote) $5.00

©2001 LIMITED TO 500


Oh! How Distressing!

Tis the season for all things enchantingly creepy & this card is no exception! $10.00

©2008 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)




Pumpkin Pie Party!

Celebrate with these critters, the finest seasonal taste delight... my truest love, pumpkin pie! $10.00

©2008 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered).

Frozen Jack-O'-lanterns

"Tis ashame they did not foresee, the changing of seasons, oh woe is me." -(back quote) $10.00

©2009 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered).






Jack-O'-lantern Ride

A happy couple has a thrilling Halloween adventure in a FLYING JACK-O'-LANTERN! $10.00

©2009 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)



Witch way to go -

"May the drunken be wary on this Halloween, You'll vanish in thin air and never be seen." (back quote) $10.00

©2010 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)






The way it was/should be!

My idea of a classic Halloween as I recall it. This is the same image from my previous silk screen print, only smaller and in sharper detail.


©2009 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)



Halloween Procession

A parade of Halloween oddities march onward, towards a party of course.


©2010 LIMITED TO 25 (signed & numbered)



Gone Batty!

A man is bombarded by a gaggle of swirling bats or... has he just "Gone Batty!"? $10.00

©2011 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)



The Halloween Beast!

Suspense ensues as a child carelessly eats candy in the woods. I'm afraid, he isn't alone. $10.00

©2012 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)



Pumpkin House

Oh What have we here? A perfect glimpse into one of many Halloween villages. $10.00

©2013 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)


A Halloween Flight of Fancy

Up in the sky! it's a cat, it's a bat, it's a plane! All of these are correct! $10.00

©2014 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)



Crow NOOOOO!!!

Take care when devouring one's little Jack-o's.


©2015 LIMITED TO 50 (signed & numbered)


Cemetery Pleasantries

Better to approach unexpected situations with politeness... $12.00

©2016 LIMITED TO 35 (signed & numbered)



Why not stroll on such a bone-chilling night?

Would you be ready for The Halloween Handshake?!!! $12.00

©2017 LIMITED TO 25 (signed & numbered)



"Am I Late?"

Is the gentleman late to the party or just late to life?


©2019 LIMITED TO 13 (signed & numbered



"Oh Dear! Is it Halloween already?"

The poor gentleman was simply not prepared. $15.00

©2020 LIMITED TO 13 (signed & numbered)




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